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Job Success scores, the Top Rated program, and detailed profile information make it easy to find freelancers with stellar work histories.

All about Safety!

Phostleads.com, we post and host job leads from customers to service freelancers. Feel free to contact us using the button below.

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Follow our policy!

Work within the PhostLeads environment your safety is very important. If you follow our privacy policy statement you will be able to maintain a smooth transaction with customers. If you as a customer follow our privacy policy statement you can maintain a smooth transaction with the Freelancers that are registered with PhostLeads. PhostLeads is not responsible for any transactions outside the PhostLeads environment we asked you to follow our privacy policy statement so that your transaction will work within the environment safety protocols.

Payment for Project Done

When work has been completed your Freelancer will notify you. Once you have checked the work delivered and you are happy that it has been completed (if it is a fixed price project or offer) you can confirm payment which includes releasing funds in Escrow.

4. Always pay through PhostLeads.com

Paying outside of PhostLeads leaves you unprotected. PhostLeads cannot provide any assistance for projects where any payment has been completed outside of PhostLeads, against our terms and conditions.



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Overview of Trust and Safety

 Choosing a Freelancer

You will find lots of information available about the Freelancer at PhostLeads to help you choose wisely including:
  • Feedback reviews, a key tool to see the track record of the Freelancer from other projects completed on PhostLeads.

  • Endorsements, testimonials from clients, colleagues and peers from outside PhostLeads.

  • Social connections, verified links to the individuals Facebook or Instagram account can provide an extra layer of trust.

  • Portfolio, examples of the Freelancers work.

It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want when creating a job post or a proposal. When hiring for your project, maximize your chances for success by inviting freelancers with the right skillsets to match the job. As a freelancer, protect yourself by only accepting contracts with reasonable requirements.

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Security of Personal Information

We take the security of all user information extremely seriously, and any sensitive information that may be required to post a freelancer or register as a freelancer

is handled carefully in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For specific questions or concerns, please refer to our Privacy Policy or contact our Customer Support

Team via this contact form.


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Be honest.

Its all about you!...Forever freedom!

When it comes to portfolio resume, potential employers are on the lookout for exaggerated skills or results. Grossly overstating your accomplishments can send up a red flag that may come back to haunt you during an interview—or eliminate your chances of securing an interview in the first place.

So, be honest; even if your embellishments make it past a recruiter or potential employer, youre setting yourself up for failure by misrepresenting yourself and your abilities.

Quantify your results.
Wherever possible, include dollar amounts. If you managed a sizable budget or inked a big deal, be sure to mention this. Employers want to see what youve done, and numbers are a great way to show them.

Know the numbers.
Likewise, if the number of people you managed or the number of programs you developed was significant, focus on that information. Showing that youve made good use of your time at another job helps employers visualize what you can do for them.

Dont bury the lead.
With hundreds of portfolio resumes to go through, hiring managers can only spend a limited amount of time skimming each one. You need to get your message across right away and convince them that your skills and experience are what theyre seeking. Make sure that key information is either listed first or presented in a manner that makes it stand out.

Mention "off-the-job" experience. Be sure to highlight any skills, education, community/volunteer work, and additional schooling that pertain to your particular job area or that a potential employer might view as an asset. Include any accomplishments and notable professional awards or recognition you have earned.

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Go With Your Gut Feeling

Your instinct!

Most of all, it’s important to listen to your own intuition when dealing with potential employers. If anything sounds suspicious, it’s probably because it is.
Learning about scams to watch out for is one of the easiest ways to prevent any issues while freelancing. Once you know what to keep an eye out for, you should be able to keep yourself save without a problem!

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Work Experience

Estimate your abilities and respect client expectations.

Work smart

If a client asks for a deadline and you know you won’t make it, just say it straight away. Here we came to so-called “expectation management”. It’s always tempting to jump in adventure, especially when you like a client and a project. But do not promise or worse, sign on anything you know is very challenging. If for some reason you can’t deliver what you have promised, make you sure you notify your client in advance. No one likes last minute upsetting news so the earlier they know you are facing difficulties the better.

Dispute Resolution Process

To contact PhostLeads about any damages, injuries or billing disputes, our Customer Support Team is available via live chat, phone or email. If you have any relevant documentation, such as pictures or receipts, we ask that you please submit them as they will be required to complete your claim.

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